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The plastics manufacturer AGRU-FRANK puts its trust in efficient cooling solutions from Reisner

In the course of its expansion, AGRU-FRANK invested in an efficient container cooling solution from Reisner – and the results are outstanding

Efficiency and the conservation of resources are growing in importance in plastic extrusion, beginning with the refrigeration technology employed, a decisive factor. Reisner Cooling Solutions GmbH, the technotrans subsidiary, demonstrates just how users benefit from efficient cooling at its customer AGRU-FRANK GmbH.

Located in Wölfersheim, Germany, AGRU-FRANK produces polyethylene pipes for the supply of drinking water and gas, sewage disposal, and industrial applications. The company also manufactures special pipe designs and multi-layer pipes. AGRU-FRANK also invested in several new machines and systems in 2020 to ensure that the growing demand for its products can still be met in the future.

However, the expansion in production capacities also necessitated the acquisition of more efficient cooling technology. This was necessary as, particularly in the summer months, the refrigerating capacity was no longer adequate for cooling the hot plastic. These high temperatures led to strong fluctuations in the cooling water temperature. AGRU-FRANK already had the ideal cooling specialists in mind. “We required a higher refrigerating capacity and, as we were already using several Reisner cooling systems at our sister company DRS-Rohrwerke Sachsen, we also trusted in Reisner GmbH and its expertise,” says Benedict Stribrny, technical manager and authorized signatory of AGRU-FRANK GmbH.

AGRU-FRANK defined a range of requirements for selection of the perfect cooling solution concept: greater cooling capacity, efficiency, reserve capacities, and a compact design. The tailored container solution from Reisner impressed the manufacturer in every respect.

Maximum refrigeration capacity and unique energy-saving technology
Efficiency and sustainability in particular played a major role in the decision to acquire a new refrigeration system, as plastic extrusion consumes a lot of energy. AGRU-FRANK wishes to demonstrate responsibility in this respect. Reisner therefore integrated unique energy-saving technology that reduces power consumption and operating costs considerably.

The refrigeration system consists of two separate KWR-S 400-17/KS cooling units with a maximum refrigeration capacity of 400 kW each and two condensers with energy-saving EC fans.The R513A refrigerant which is used has excellent thermodynamic properties and a lower GWP (global warming potential) than conventional media. Another advantage is the use of so-called Vario technology. Special valve technology and an equally special electronic control system enable the cooling solution to adapt the condensation temperature to the outside temperature. This saves up to 477,490 kWh per year. An additional dry cooler for winter operation increases savings further to approximately 900,000 kWh or 480,000 kg of CO2. Finally, AGRU-FRANK also recovers the heat of one of the refrigeration units and uses it to heat a production process during summer when the winter relief system is not active.

Space-saving container as machine room
Due to on-site conditions, the two refrigeration units would not have fitted into the existing AGRU-FRANK production facilities. The compact design provided by Reisner was a persuasive argument in choosing this solution. The container they developed (12 x 2.5 m) is equipped with everything from the refrigeration units to the control cabinet and lighting system. When the system was set up and installed, Reisner also provided all the electrical wiring inside and outside the container – a contribution that also saves space.

A further advantage of the concept is the fact that the enclosed design facilitates easy repositioning of the refrigeration system. The reserve space already provided also permits later expansion of the system.

Good collaboration pays off
Stribrny is visibly satisfied with the result. From the very first day after commissioning, we noticed the improvements. Temperature fluctuations in our production water are a thing of the past.” Through this modernization, AGRU-FRANK and Reisner have laid the foundation for future cooperation, and further projects are already planned.

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