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technotrans at the AMB 2018: process chillers omega.eco and smart.chiller

Process chiller omega.eco with a cooling capacity of 10 to 60 kW / Stable processes and high energy efficiency / Filtration for optimum CFRP machining

Efficient processes: technotrans will present its fluid technology solution from 18 September to 22 September 2018 at the AMB trade fair. The main focus of the Sassenberg-based company is placed on the process chiller omega.eco. Thanks to highly efficient plate heat exchangers and microchannel technology, technotrans has succeeded in reducing the refrigerant quantity by up to 60 per cent. Compared to conventional systems, the omega.eco series‑can reduce energy costs by up to 30 per cent by using a speed control for pumps, compressors and fans as well as an electronic overheating control.

"The system offers numerous detailed improvements resulting in considerable cost savings for our customers and ensuring a high level of process reliability," explains Ingo Gdanitz, Business Development Manager of technotrans. In the case of the omega.eco process chiller for general fluid cooling with a cooling capacity of 10 to 60 kW, these advantages are evident in all the models.

Depending on the ambient temperature, the omega.eco automatically adjusts the optimum operating point of the complete system in terms of its energy efficiency, thereby saving energy costs. Due to the reduced use of refrigerants combined with the hermetically sealed refrigeration system, units with a refrigeration capacity of up to 33 kW do not have to undergo annual leakage testing. This, in turn, leads to maintenance cost savings for the owners. Another striking feature of the omega.eco system is its high level of operational reliability. Additional sensor systems in the refrigeration circuit as well as in the cooling medium circuit ensure continuous process monitoring. The process data can be transferred to a customer-provided, superordinate control system via various standard interfaces.

Numerous options, e.g. additional cooling circuits, different types of media or a free cooling function, enable the precise customisation of the new process chiller, and the ecological footprint of the cooling solution has also been reduced.

Apart from the omega.eco system, the company from Sassenberg also presents its smart.chiller series. Thanks to its user-friendly design, high level of control accuracy and high energy efficiency for lower power ranges, it is a truly optimum solution.

Filtration for CFRP machining
Cooling lubricants offer a whole range of advantages when it comes to the machining of carbon fibre reinforced plastics. Optimum temperatures in the area of the tool and part prevent component defects. In addition, the cooling lubricant binds dust and reliably carries away abrasive particles. With its multistage filtration systems, technotrans ensures reliable processes and a consistent, high quality of fibre composites. If the system is scaled accordingly, it is also possible to connect several machines to a single cooling lubricant conditioning system.

Customised solutions and integrated special systems will also be a hot topic at our trade fair stand, explains Ingo Gdanitz: "We are a system partner of our customers. This is why we develop customised and technologically sophisticated solutions for any type of requirement."

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