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technotrans Group expands liquid cooling systems business area

Cooling specialist expands at production location in Baden-Baden / Company signs purchase agreement for new plot of land / Subsidiary termotek GmbH remains on growth trajectory

The technotrans Group is expanding its compact liquid cooling systems business area. To that end, the specialist for liquid technologies is expanding production capacities at the Baden-Baden location. The company has now given the go-ahead for the expansion in signing the purchase agreement. The subsidiary termotek GmbH will be moving to a 13,000 square metre site, with its capacity set to double. Building on the positive development of recent years, technotrans aims to maintain its growth momentum.

“In expanding our Baden-Baden location, we are laying the foundations for holding our ground in the globalised market for cooling technology and for maintaining our previous success,” emphasised Henry Brickenkamp, Chief Executive Officer of technotrans AG. The new 13,000 square metre site will enable the cooling specialist to double its production capacities. In the first phase a building housing more than 5,000 square metres of floor space will be erected by the end of 2018.

The relocation within Baden-Baden has been prompted by the extremely rapid growth of termotek GmbH. Revenue has risen from eight million euros at the time of its takeover by the technotrans Group in 2011 to 19 million euros in the 2016 financial year – a doubling of income within the space of five years. In the same period, its workforce has grown from just over 50 to around 100 employees. termotek’s capacity has latterly been stretched to the limits.

Employee expertise the key factor in choice of location
The expertise of the employees was a major factor when it came to choosing the location. “Moving production to a different region was never an option. Our employees are what guarantees our development,” remarked Dr Christof Soest, Board of Management member of technotrans AG and Managing Director of termotek GmbH. Revenue and the workforce are set to continue rising until the new production facility comes on stream.

technotrans aims to use the extra production capacities to grow its liquid cooling systems. As well as steadily expanding its portfolio business, the company is steadily tapping into new cooling technologies. More recently, new developments that have made a big contribution to the positive business performance have included cooling solutions based on a 24-volt mini compressor. The medium-term aim is to double the revenue of termotek GmbH in tandem with the rise in production. The site also offers scope for further expansion.