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technotrans supplies a cooling solution for the world's first hydrogen fuel cell-powered passenger train

Efficient cooling technology for a regional train in Northern Germany / Use of a nearly carbon-neutral refrigerant in electromobility applications / technotrans as an exclusive supplier with a seven-digit order volume

A milestone for the high-growth market of sustainable mobility: technotrans SE supplies a bespoke battery cooling solution for the world's first hydrogen fuel cell-powered passenger train within the framework of a series order. This is the first project realised by the company in the hydrogen technology field. The new cooling system uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R1234yf.

"Once again, this project showcases our technological leadership in the field of liquid-based cooling solutions. By transferring our extensive expertise successfully to hydrogen-based mobility solutions, we expand our spectrum of applications and, thereby, also our product portfolio," says Michael Finger, member of the Board of Management of technotrans SE. The company developed a specific mobile cooling system in close cooperation with the customer and is the exclusive supplier for the hydrogen-powered trains during the entire project period from 2020 to 2023.

As a result, technotrans further expands its leading position in the rail sector, broadens its area of expertise and strengthens its business with series devices qualified for use in trains. As far as the cooling solution is concerned, technotrans uses the refrigerant R1234yf, which is non-ozone-depleting and nearly carbon-neutral with a GWP value (global warming potential) of 4.

Efficient operation thanks to cooled batteries
In a first phase, the emission-free passenger train will use diesel trains on routes for which electrification would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. It uses a combination of lithium-ion battery systems and hydrogen fuel cells. When hydrogen and oxygen are converted into water, electricity is generated. This electricity is used to charge the batteries and to power the electric motor. The technotrans battery cooling system ensures a constant temperature level and, thereby, the efficient and uniform operation of the hydrogen-powered train.

"In spite of the current difficult economic situation, we were able to secure this extensive order. In doing so, we are sending a positive signal for the future development on this high-growth market," explains Finger. An important factor for the assignment of the order is the long-standing solution competence of the system manufacturer. "Sophisticated projects like this one require far more than only off-the-shelf standard products. Instead, our customers look for a high level of flexibility and adaptability, and this is exactly where we are specialised."