Control unit manufacturing and programming

Availability, safety and efficiency of a cooling system strongly depend on its control unit.

At Reisner Cooling Solutions, highly qualified experts are dedicated to all topics related to the control units that serve our cooling machines. For each system we design an individual control concept and find creative solutions beyond mainstream work. Afterwards, we transfer our concepts to sophisticated programming and perfectly built control cabinets. To achieve this, we use high-quality Siemens control and operating units. In control cabinet manufacturing we make a point of using the best available components. Usability is an important issue to us. The clearly structured touch panels provide comprehensible visualizations of our systems. All settings are transparently named, faults are displayed in plain text. Our control concept portfolio features:



The Reisner system control constantly compares currently measured values with target values that are specifically adapted to the production served. Therefore, individual tank temperatures, pressures, filling levels, speed ranges and other relevant parameters are measured at regular and short intervals. By the help of this data, the control unit coordinates the interaction of cooling system, pumps, dry coolers and other components, enabling the system to reach all target values. A detailed fault evaluation which can deliver important findings on the system operation can be programmed on request as well.


Efficiency monitoring

This is highly relevant to companies having their energy management certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001: We integrate highly sensitive energy consumption measurement tools into the control unit. Our efficiency log always enables us to monitor the actual cooling performance, tracking volumetric flow and temperatures. If necessary, this close surveillance of the system efficiency can be meticulously documented.


Control cabinets

Each control cabinet is individually planned by our specialized department. As a matter of course, our electronics planning observes all relevant legal requirements. Our control cabinets are efficiently and logically structured. We wire them ourselves in our well-equipped electrical workshop, making sure to mark all major components with clear plain text signs.



As early as during commissioning, our support service sets in. We train our customers’ staff in system operation and touch panel settings. Besides, we provide useful recommendations for the case of fault. If the customer specific conditions change during the system’s life cycle, we immediately adapt the control programming.


Remote diagnostics

Quick action in case of emergency: Via an ethernet interface, our Reisner service staff can directly log into the system’s PLC. This way we can identify the problem and, in many cases, solve it directly by making minor program adjustments online. If it takes an on-site service operation, our technicians know what to do before leaving our premises – and they bring all necessary spare parts we have in stock. The connection does not remain active permanently. It is only established if needed and therefore no risk to date security.


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