Reisner cooling technology as versatile as your needs

Your production is unique, and so is your need for cooling.

A cooling system that perfectly meets your demands today might be wrongly dimensioned tomorrow. The machine room that is still available today might be dedicated to a different purpose tomorrow. Every little change of your production processes or circumstances must affect your cooling system, too. At any given point we are flexible enough to adapt to changes in your requirements and provide you with a perfectly matching solution.


Our modular cooling technology portfolio makes this possible!

With our systems, we cover a huge performance range. If you need an expansion of your cooling performance, we add it by installing new components and integrating them into the existing control unit. Besides, we offer cooling systems of all common types so that when it comes to positioning the unit we can adapt to the space on offer at your premises. If the need should arise or if we identify a serious energy saving potential by doing so, we combine compressor cooling units with cooling towers or dry coolers.


Our refrigeration plants, covering a performance range from 2 to 5.000 kW

  • Split refrigeration machines
  • Compact refrigeration units
  • Refrigeration machines for outdoor installation
  • Container plants
  • Cooling towers
  • Dry coolers for winter relief/free cooling and hydraulics cooling

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