Perfect quality for your cold water circuit

Our solution: more than just the chiller

Reisner offers complete systems including a flexible, high-quality infrastructure for your cold water. We thoroughly analyse your production and your demands, and we know what it takes to design the perfect combination of chiller, tanks, pumps and pipework. Our solutions take all relevant aspects into account: production requirements, spatial situation, water conditions, accessibility for maintenance and your plans for further expansions. Safely and efficiently we provide cold water for your production, whereever and whenever you need it.



In our own plastics manufacturing department, we create unique, customized tanks that really add great value to all Reisner systems. Our tanks are made from robust PP plate material and strengthened with steel frames. They are flexible space miracles, come in all shapes and dimensions and with all necessary connections. Our water treatment expertise has influenced the way we build our tanks: Opaque materials reduce algae growth on the inside, and all tanks can easily be equipped with our filtration systems.



Perfect pressure for your system: Always taking into account your complete cold water circuit, we carefully choose the right pumps. Whenever possible we resort to the application of speed-controlled pumps that are characterized by their extraordinary longeivity and efficiency. To meet your needs, we combine pump units, parameterise them ourselves and control them via the PLC programmed by our specialized department. If your production requires a high level of operational safety, we install double pump units that provide enough redundancy.



Our experienced project planners and plastics welders design and manufacture your cold water circuit by establishing a high-quality pipe system consisting of plastics or metal pipes. Even under difficult spatial circumstances we create neat and safe pipeline routings that maintain optimal water pressures throughout the circuit. The systems are prepared for further expansion and equipped with junctions and connections that enable us to easily add new elements to the system or relocate parts of them.


Compact cooling units/outdoor

On request, we create compact cooling systems and fully integrate them into a custom our cooling systems into machine racks made to measure - including control cabinet and condenser. To save indoor space, we also offer solutions for outdoor installation. These specially designed cooling units weather resistant and long-lasting, equipped with robust components and, if necessary, custom-made enclosures.


Container systems

Building space is scarce and costly. If you want to make extra room inside your halls or plan to restructure your production in the near future, your most flexible solution is the perfect option for you: Our Reisner cooling system inside a container. For almost all configurations we can offer you a container version - we even combine and interconnect several containers to provide the cooling capacity you need. Our standard containers are available with lengths of 6 or 12 meters, width and height are always 2,5 meters. Inside, we neatly arrange almost all cooling system parts including chiller, tank, pumps and control cabinet so that they are easily accessible for maintenance purposes. All Reisner containers come with high-quality equipment, well-balanced isolation and ventilation and air conditioning to protect the system from negative effects of high outdoor temperatures.


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