Expertise in cooling water treatment

Water is a perfect medium for heat transfer, and it is the most common cooling medium for our systems.

However, industrial water handling is highly demanding: Contamination with solids, germs or corrosive products can impair your processes and decrease cooling performance. To keep up a secure and profitable production process, it is essential to maintain a high level of cooling water quality.

Therefore, we always keep a close eye on your cooling water. Our specialized water treatment department offers customized solutions for every operator's individual situation. We start off with an analysis of your demands that includes your complete production process from tools to oil coolers and other heat exchangers. Even if your plants and pipework consist of complex material mixtures, we provide a set of measurements that secure your cooling water quality in the long run. Our holistic approach comprises:


Especially in plastics production and metal processing, cooling water is often highly loaded with solids. Our Reisner filtration concept consists of multi-level solutions that reliably remove those solids with minimum effort. The most important feature is our full stream filter system called BO-X. We integrate it into the production's reverse flow. Without pressure, the water returning from the machines passes a filtration level with several filter bags. They are protected by stainless steel cages or constructions made of plastics, and they come with variable mesh widths. If the filtration capacity is exhausted, the water directly passes on to the tank without backwater or production interruption. An alarm signal indicates that it is time to exchange and clean the filter bags, which can be done without stopping the production. Additionally, we offer sand filters or multi-layer filters that even remove finest particles.

Dosing systems/water chemicals

Wherever water is used to convey heat, chemicals are dosed to protect the system from corrosion or from contamination with bacteria, algae or funghi. These biocides are mostly added intermittently while corrosion protection chemicals are dosed according to the amount of water refilled. Reisner dosing systems for water treatment chemicals carry out these tasks automatically so that your staff can avoid all contact with the substances. Dosings can be performed continuously, according to time control or triggered by an external command. Chemical shortages are indicated by alarm signals.

Reverse osmosis

Reisner systems for reverse osmosis provide your production with de-salinated water. To achieve this, they make untreated water pass a semipermeable membrane at high pressure. The membrane withholds not only salt but also germs and turbid materials completely. Reverse osmosis systems are especially recommended for delicate systems operating at high temperatures as well as cooling towers with an escalated water consumption due to a poor quality of supplied water. When using de-salinated water, it is of great importance to establish a suitable corrosion protection and to choose appropriate materials for all production components.

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